Love Quest Blog Being Retired

Friends and followers:

I’ve enjoyed a great run with this blog, with over 1200 posts over the past five years.  Have learned much about blogging and relationships as well in that time, so that now, looking back over the earlier works here, it’s clear that there is so much that could be dramatically improved.

Revamping these works is precisely what I plan to do over the next several months.  Many of the posts originally included here, will be rewritten and extended, and placed into some of my other existing blogs as well as some new sites, planned for the near future.  I’m excited to revisit the material of the Love Quest, and skim the best of the best of it for future publication, and hope that my readers will feel the same about the rework.

Thanks so much for your comments and support as I authored Tom’s Love Quest.  Because of you and your recommendations, this blog turned out to be way more insightful and helpful than I could have ever hoped for, without your assistance.  I truly appreciate that you stuck with me through all the joys and sorrows encountered as this content was written originally.

If you enjoyed what you read here, then you are certainly invited to look over my other blogs, listed here. The hope is that you will find the same candid and frank, analytical, and to-the-point style, that I hope has distinguished me over the past half-decade, as a blogger worthy of your attention.

Enjoy those other blogs and watch for upcoming new material.

Tom Hesley

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