Successes 1994-10-08

• Ruled out Marsha W. She had a change of heart due to her work in the military.
• Ruled out Kristen H. She stood me up twice without calling.
• Responded to four personal ads on DateLine.
• Answered four more DateLine ads.
• Ruled out Laurie on Ham Radio – already married.
• Ruled out Michelle due to the distance and the fact that she’s just starting her career.
• Sent application to Face To Face Introductions.
• Introduced myself to Amy W. at Kwic Bytes.
• Ruled out Amy W. Married.
• Ruled out Gina H. Getting Married in two weeks, but she said that she’d have lunch with me otherwise.
• Invited woman at Sabarro to join me for lunch. She declined, as she already had a lunch date with her girlfriend.

Tom Hesley

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