Dear Lynn: About Me

What shall I call you?   [Lynn]? :-)

Anyway, your height is not a problem.

Why do I pursue women who are 5’ 7’’ or taller? I’ve always been attracted to them. Don’t know why exactly. I have pondered that question over the years, and have come to realize that this affinity is hard-wired into my personality and body. It’s just part of what I am apparently. I suppose the question is as difficult to answer as: Why do you like your favorite color? Or, why do people like sweet food so much?

On your computer: If we become acquainted, I’d be happy to take a look at it for you, although you would not have to send it. I’d come to you. I have lots of experience installing and troubleshooting the various drivers in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. I have three computers here with all sorts of devices (scanner, printer, digital camera, modem, SCSI cards, . . .). I’m well acquainted with setup procedures for these things.

On your island: Sounds interesting. I am currently a big-city person. I really enjoy living in Philly and also loved Pittsburgh. But if an island is pretty enough and easy enough to get around, …, well, …, who knows?

Your quiet life style is most intriguing. I enjoy living that way also. It’s nice to go shopping once or twice a week and go out with friends about as often. But most of the time, you can find me in my living room reading the latest computer book, or tinkering with someone’s computer here in the home office / workshop. I make my living at home, working for a data packaging company in Ohio as a Senior Software Engineer. Been with them for roughly 12 years.

On your children: Do you find it difficult to let them go? Must be hard to accept that they aren’t that interested in staying on your island with you.

On my book: Will tell you more about it later.

Well, going to get to bed. Talk to you again whenever you wish.

Tom Hesley

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