Water Park Musings: 2010-06-02

I spent last Saturday afternoon at DelGrosso’s water park, people-watching.  Well, more precisely, GIRL-watching, and as I looked on, the following ideas occurred: It’s best to look for a new lover when it’s warm outside because the heat prompts girls to reveal … Continue reading

Resorting To Pity Love

Dear [Mentat], Seeking   pity love   might make me seem like a   desparate   man because it seems to have more downsides than upsides.  Details   here.  But at this point in my love quest, I   am   desperate. My love quest is a war I’m willing to … Continue reading

Love Addiction

Dear [Mentat], Yes. When addiction becomes so strong that it compels you to throw good sense out the window, then it must at least be better understood, if not suppressed. Unfulfilled cravings drive many to exude antisocial, counter productive behaviors. … Continue reading