Tom’s Love Quest Summary

Hello. It’s Tom here again with some background about me to help put this whole love quest thing into context. Let’s see. I’m a 48 year old single white male. I never married, never had children, nor do I want … Continue reading

Compassion, Empathy, Pity

Dear [Melinda], But before I get to that, I’d like to make some initial comments.  I wanted to include a few definitions (for the words pity, compassion, and empathy) here for your consideration. Just follow the links to see them. … Continue reading

Victorious Romantic Love Rejections

Dear [Mentat], Yes, I still believe that the more we approach, the greater our chances of finding a true love become. However, when I adopted this overly simple strategy in 1990, I was surprised to encounter such a high percentage of   romantic … Continue reading

Resorting To Pity Love

Dear [Mentat], Seeking   pity love   might make me seem like a   desparate   man because it seems to have more downsides than upsides.  Details   here.  But at this point in my love quest, I   am   desperate. My love quest is a war I’m willing to … Continue reading

Compassion Questing

Dear [Mentat], Well I recently moved closer to overt compassion questing, by revealing the vision impairment in my telephone profiles once more. Since then, responses showing interest have filtered in at the usual trickle rate, but none from any hot … Continue reading

The Fallacy Of Hero Worship

Dear [Mentat], See my   Tom’s Views –> Self Actualization – A Strictly Internal Affair   piece for more details about Maslow’s   self-actualization   concept. But if we accept [Abraham Maslow's] needs hierarchy [triangle] as gospel, the state of self-actualization, that does not rely … Continue reading