Water Park Musings: 2010-06-02

I spent last Saturday afternoon at DelGrosso’s water park, people-watching.  Well, more precisely, GIRL-watching, and as I looked on, the following ideas occurred: It’s best to look for a new lover when it’s warm outside because the heat prompts girls to reveal … Continue reading

Avoid Distracting Compassion

When an already-existing attraction is suppressed due to prejudices, diagnosis biases, and ill-informed judgments, eliciting compassion might work to persuade someone to lower these barriers and allow their underlying feelings to come through.  But the joy of being kind is … Continue reading

Tom’s Love Quest Summary

Hello. It’s Tom here again with some background about me to help put this whole love quest thing into context. Let’s see. I’m a 48 year old single white male. I never married, never had children, nor do I want … Continue reading