Judy’s Silent Rejection

From audio journal episode:  AJE-2010-05-31-21-52.  I thought when I got back in touch with [Judy] a few weeks ago (details  here), that things would be different this time.  But so far, we’ve only talked once on the phone in nearly … Continue reading

Water Park Musings: 2010-06-02

I spent last Saturday afternoon at DelGrosso’s water park, people-watching.  Well, more precisely, GIRL-watching, and as I looked on, the following ideas occurred: It’s best to look for a new lover when it’s warm outside because the heat prompts girls to reveal … Continue reading

Avoid Distracting Compassion

When an already-existing attraction is suppressed due to prejudices, diagnosis biases, and ill-informed judgments, eliciting compassion might work to persuade someone to lower these barriers and allow their underlying feelings to come through.  But the joy of being kind is … Continue reading

Combating The Shame Of Rejection

Inspired by audio journal episode   AJE-2010-05-07-19-30. As I said in the previous post   here, needless rejection should be avoided.  To summarize: A needless love rejection is one where you experience more pain and humiliation than necessary, to find out if … Continue reading

Avoiding Needless Rejection: 2010-05-19

Inspired by audio journal episode:  AJE-2010-05-06-11-12. I encountered anxiety while writing this piece lately; at times, the words just weren’t coming; classic writers’ block. Sometimes, I beat this by just writing anything, impromptu, even when I did not yet know what … Continue reading

Compassion, Empathy, Pity

Dear [Melinda], But before I get to that, I’d like to make some initial comments.  I wanted to include a few definitions (for the words pity, compassion, and empathy) here for your consideration. Just follow the links to see them. … Continue reading

Love – Mere Chemical Response

Dear  [Melinda], Well, we may never fully agree on this.  I would urge you however, to check out the book list I sent you a few letters back  [here].  That chemical reaction stuff is   not meaningless   as I see it.  … Continue reading