Bitter Sweet Attention

I heard from [Kar] yesterday.  She left me voicemail, curious about how Mom is doing since the heart failure diagnosis last week.  That was sweet of her to remember my family in these trying times. Now I do not normally let a call … Continue reading

Judy’s Silent Rejection

From audio journal episode:  AJE-2010-05-31-21-52.  I thought when I got back in touch with [Judy] a few weeks ago (details  here), that things would be different this time.  But so far, we’ve only talked once on the phone in nearly … Continue reading

Love – Mere Chemical Response

Dear  [Melinda], Well, we may never fully agree on this.  I would urge you however, to check out the book list I sent you a few letters back  [here].  That chemical reaction stuff is   not meaningless   as I see it.  … Continue reading